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A top 15 kart driver in the UAE in only his first year, looking to fund the opportunity/seat offered by multiple teams.


22.02.2021 21:42 ·

GOPRO onboard footage and vlogs off track to get a glimpse into my lifestyle and adventures through the up's and down's will begin to be psoted on my youtube soon! Keep an eye out!

22.02.2021 21:40 ·

After completion of two ROTAX SENIOR RACE KARTS test days, I am glad to be up to pace and posting competitive times already.

22.02.2021 21:39 ·

Great News! I've just been offered a seat with a new kart team in the UAE, linked directly with Tony Kart. They would like me to become their main senior driver. If we're able to raise enough money I aim to extract everything from this opportunity…

We shall be partaking in the UAE National Championship Series which is internationally covered by a significant following and a great platform for drivers. The team is of world class facilities and management with links with Tony Kart, an established and premier karting corporation which have hosted the likes of Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel in their days. The owner has shown tremendous faith in me and with all the support given we aim to contend from the get go! 

Sponsors! Feel free to contact me by email to discuss an agreement that suits us both, especially with this new offer! Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Reach / Links

Greatest successes

Achieving the highest level of sporting recognition in my county, at the age of 7.

Obtaining an athletic scholarship to play basketball in the USA after only two years of playing basketball.

Under 15 BSME male sportsperson of the year

A top 15 driver in the UAE in my first 6 months of karting. Currently ranked in the top 7 in the UAE and top 50 in the world.


Key figures for sponsors

Formula 4: 

Media prints, Car/helmet/suit sponsorship logos, national television broadcast, news prints, International streaming YouTube + Facebook, 100,000+ follower page exposure (media outlet, team outlet), opportunity for global attention up to F1 teams with good results.



Similar as F4, smaller fanbase yet still broadcasted worldwide. At event audience + prominent figures.




500 followers, upon entrance to a series + team exposure you can expect a mega boost, just began setting up gopro's for race livestreams, onboards, etc, very presentable in person at events. 


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