Jászberény Ice Skating, Winter sports


Figure skating team in Hungary, age of girls between 3-14, main aim is to qualify skaters for ISU requirements.


Our figure skating team has been founded in 2015. We provide skating lessons for kindergartens, develop skating skills and provide the opportunity to qualify for national and international competitions.

The main goal of the accosiation is to qualify more and more skaters to ISU reguirements, organize local championships and continue kindergarten skate events in order to gain wider audiance and membership among youths.

Reach / Links

Key figures for sponsors

  • Our association has approximatelly 200 members (mainly female)
  • The average age of the members is 3 - 15 years
  • Our Facebook page has 600 followers. 
  • Our members take part annually on 8-10 national / international competitions. The audience per event is approximately 1.500 people
  • The club appears in Local TV, local newspapers 3-5 times per a year.
  • By sponsoring our club, you can reach a clientele with an affinity for fashion, sport, healthy nutrition, etc.


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