Zoë Sedney

 Zoetermeer Athletics


19 year old Olympian. European Finalist 60mh and European U20, U18 and U17 medalist 100mh, 200m and relay. 100mh: 12.94s 60mh: 7.98s


I have a good reach on instagram. This is because I am an example for the youth and have been followed bij the Vpro for the documentary ‘de beloften’. I competed in 2021 at the Olympics on the 100mh at 19 years old. I was the youngest athlete from our sport. Because I am young, I am a long term good investment. I will have many years of sport to go and it is interesting to help an athlete from the start.

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I have 12,0k instagram followers. I have been in a documentary which was on tv for 5 weeks on Thursday. My main followers are fellow sporters and 75% of my followers are men.



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