Birmingham eSports


We are an ambitious, fast-growing, FIFA eSports team looking for a general sponsor for our team as we will soon be hosting local Fifa events


We are a very ambitious team, we want to constantly be putting on bigger and better events and take this team as far as we can. The plans we have for the team will help massively build the stature and fans of the team. We are looking for a company to be the spearhead of our time, not only to improve our standings in eSports but there's too. They can be part of a fast-growing team that will only get bigger over time.

Key figures for sponsors

  • ~ 60 followers across Instagram and Twitter (90% male)
  • 32 confirmed players in our first tournament
  • Plans to build a team website and more social media pages
  • By sponsoring our team you will be a key part of the teams' growth which will benefit you



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