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 Atlanta Kickball


Funds size fitness kickball team event will be held july 23, 2023 in need of sponsorship! if


hi my name is Shayla Hannah and i’m a personal trainer in atlanta! i know how challenging it can be to train to reach your goals so i wanted to make it fun! I started a kickball team 3 years ago! We don’t play regular kickball! We play fitness kickball! At each base if stopped  the player must either do a squat, air punch, or jumping jacks. We have 40 women in our club and we split them into two teams pink against purple and play kick ball! We have an event coming july 23rd 2023 at 6:00 pm! We are expecting 400+ attendees at our event! I am really looking forward to your sponsorship! i would love to hang up banners at events, on my website, and post throughout my social media! I receive at least 2.5 k views per post i have even reached 10k views Please call me 4706526439 We are looking for sponsorships to sponsor Season finale kickball game


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Our ideal sponsor is a company that supports fitness and healt!

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  • Our association has 40 members (20 pink and 20 purple
  • The average age of the members is 18-40 years
  • Our home matches (8 per season) are visited by 200 visitors on average
  • Our Instagram page has 7,500 likes. We reach 3,500 people with every post
  • Our club website has 30,000 unique visitors and 90,000 page views per year
  • By sponsoring our club, you can reach a clientele with an affinity for fashion & design, and sports.

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