Price list for sports people | Sponsoo

Price list for sports people

Sponsoo works on a commission base.
This means: We only earn money ourselves if we successfully find a sponsor for you.

Service Price
Profile on Sponsoo free of charge
Sales commission for successfully brokered sponsorship deals 20% of the net sponsorship volume
Support with the realisation of sponsorships that have been brokered by Sponsoo (e.g. creation of a sponsorship contract) free of charge
Creation of a sponsorship contract for sponsorships that have not been closed by Sponsoo (i.e. you already have the sponsor and just need the contract) 40€ per contract
Other services (e.g. Development of sponsorship concepts, consulting, exclusive sponsorship management) on request

Frequently Asked Questions

If I receive a sponsorship request on Sponsoo, am I required to accept it?

No, you can take all the time you need to read the proposal and then decide yourself if you want to accept the sponsorship.

If Sponsoo finds a sponsor for me, do I need to do the deal together with Sponsoo?

Yes, if we find a sponsor for you, you are required to close any resulting deals with this sponsor together with us.

Am I still allowed to look for sponsors elsewhere?

Yes, you can still look for sponsors outside of Sponsoo. You don't commit to any sort of exclusivity by registering on Sponsoo and can still do everything just as you did before. Our objective is that any sponsorships that come from us are additional business for you. Only if the contact has been established through us, we require you to do the resulting sponsorships with us. Of course we're happy if you also include us in additional deals. Our market knowledge can often help you to negotiate a much better and more lucrative sponsorship deal.

When does Sponsoo send me an invoice?

If the sponsorship has been brokered by us, we charge a sales commission of 20% of the total sponsorship volume. We send the invoice shortly after the sponsor has paid you.