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FAQ for Sponsors

Yes! Several users can edit the same profile. Just tell us the profile name and the individiual user names or email addresses per email to support@sponsoo.com. We'll then connect the accounts to the profile.

From freelancers to SMEs to large corporates - anyone can do sports marketing with Sponsoo.

For three reasons:

  1. Because sponsorship is the most positively connoted form of advertising. No other form of advertising is perceived more positively by consumers than sports marketing.
  2. Because your company benefits from the large target audience in sports marketing.
  3. Because you're doing good and everyone sees it. Your employees and customers develop a stronger bond with your company. Studies show that sponsorship increases the recommendation rate of your company.

No, Sponsoo doesn't charge sponsors anything for using the platform on your own. If you request any services that go beyond the usual scope of the platform, we will structure a customized deal for you.

Sponsoo allows you to easily identify the sponsorship opportunities that best match your marketing objectives. You can also book and manage sponsorships online. 

Totally. You'll find a multitude of marketing opportunites for small budgets on Sponsoo.

Due to our large database with several thousand athlete and sports club profiles we're able to efficiently run large sports marketing campaigns. Please feel free to contact us at support@sponsoo.com.

Our system allows you to define any kind of sponsorship you like. Most deals are financial sponsorships, service sponsorships or in-kind sponsorships ("barter deals").

Sponsorship with Sponsoo works in three easy steps:

  1. You create a free Sponsoo account.
  2. You get direct access to our database with a multitude of sponsorship offers in Germany.
  3. You select the sponsorship offer that best matches your marketing strategy. Deal.

Of course we also support you during the execution of the sponsorship, for example by providing a free sponsorship framework contract or free phone consultations.

Yes, sponsorships can be booked as operating expenses if the investment was made for business purposes and they were inteded to create an economic advantage for your organisation. Please keep in mind that the tax authorities usually require some sort of evidence that the sponsorship was arranged for marketing purposes. This evidence can have the form of an invoice from the sponsorship receiver, or alternatively a receipt in combination with a sponsorship contract. If you close your sponsorship deals on Sponsoo, we provide you with a sponsorship contract free of charge. If needed, we also help the sponsorship receiver with issuing invoices or receipts.

(Legal topics are researched with the greatest possible care. However, please note that we can't guarantee for the correctness of our answers).

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you send a description of the problem - with a screenshot - to support@sponsoo.de, we'll take care of you problem as fast as possible.

You can learn more about our team at www.sponsoo.de/about.

Just email us at support@sponsoo.de or call us at +49 178 714 5167.

1. The variety and emotion of sports

With sponsorship opportunities from more than 300 different sports, Sponsoo offers you a direct access to the entire variety of sports. Sports is emotional like no other form of advertising. With our data analytic capabilities, we can identify the ideal sponsorship opportunity for you.

2. Data expertise

We use some of the most advanced technologies to process data within the sports marketing industry. This allows you to find the perfect match between sponsorship opportunities and your marketing objectives.

3. Digital processes

We digitalized the entire sponsorship process:

  • Matching between sponsorship profiles and your marketing objectives
  • Establish contact between your brand and athletes, teams, clubs, or events
  • Book pre-defined sponsorship deals online or negotiate customized sponsorships
  • Automatic creation of a sponsorship contract that can be signed online
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Receive a proof that your sponsorship was fulfilled
  • Keep the overview over all your ongoing commitments