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Sponsorship contract

A sponsorship-contract contains all the important basic conditions of a sponsorship such as:

  • the duration
  • the services of the sponsor (e.g. financial and non-financial benefits)
  • the services of the sponsee (e.g. providing advertising space)

A sponsorship-contract acts like a "safety-blanket" for both parties and prevents any discussion about the scope of the sponsorship. Furthermore it plays an important role for the sponsor to prove to the financial agency, what the sponsorship was all about. If the sponsorship-receiver can not make out a bill, the sponsor can use the signed contract to prove that the sponsorship had an operational character. If he chooses to do so, he can make the operating costs tax-deductable.

If you complete a sponsorship on Sponsoo, Sponsoo will provide you with a professional sponsorship-contract.

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