Exclusivity - Glossary | Sponsoo


If an athlete or a club guarantees exclusivity to a marketer, the marketer recieves the sole right to sell sponsoring packages of that athlete/ club. Not even the athlete or the club itself can sell their own packages anymore. Big Sponsoring-Agencies almost always assure themselves on exclusivity on their assets.

Sponsoo does not demand exclusivity from their users. The idea behind Sponsoo is to give the power over every sponsoring-activity back to the athletes and clubs. They have sole control over how they present themselves on the platform, how they price their sponsoring packages and with whom they want to engange in a sponsorship. The only "condition" Sponsoo imposes as far as exclusivity concerns, is that sponsorships are being closed on the platform, if the initial contact was instigated by Sponsoo.

All the business generated over the platform Sponsoo, is additional business which should support the activities made by athletes and clubs, not substitute them.

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