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Investor Relations

Sponsoo makes sport sponsorship transparent and available to everyone. Sponsoo stands for disruptive innovation in a market with a global volume of more than EUR 35 billion (PwC 2011).

Sponsoo is built on a lucrative and scalable business model and founded by a team whose members bring highly complementary skillsets into play.
The founders have an academic and work background from institutions such as the University of Cambridge and Rocket Internet. They unite experience in business, sales, marketing, legal and programming. If you are interested in contributing know-how or financial resources feel free to contact us:

Andreas Kitzing
Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: +49 (0)40 228 63 293

Sponsoo is supported by the German Ministry for Economics and Customs through the "INVEST" programme. . Private Investors can receive 20 percent of their investments in Sponsoo back as a grant if they hold their equity stake at least three years.

The Sponsoo team receives a €50,000 cheque as prize money in a startup competition.