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Pablo Barbosa

 Київ Long-distance running, Athletics


I will run 1000 Miles from Ukraine to Italy in 30 days.


My name is Pablo Barbosa, I'm from Brazil, currently living in Ukraine. 

I would like to introduce you to my TMD project (Thousand Miles of Dreams). 

I'll run 1000 Miles from Ukraine to Italy in April.
And as I will be running this long-distance intending to finish it in 30 days, I'm looking for sponsors for the project. 

Why am I looking for sponsors? 

I have a few options of filmmaking production that are interested to make a documentary film of the 1000 Miles Run from Ukraine to Italy. 

To make it possible, I will need sponsors to help with the costs of the filmmaker's team journey during the 30 days. 

I made a page on my website dedicated to "Sponsors" with some ideas that can also bring benefits to your brand. And I will be happy to hear about any ideas that the brand would like to implement in the documentary film.

Always ready to cooperate.
I'll be very happy to hear back from you. 

Best Regards; Pablo Barbosa

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