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We are in search of sponsorship for one-year process. We also would like to advertise the company via social media in addition to our jersey


Dear Sir/Madam, 


 This is Ömer YAKABAĞI.  I am an English Language Teaching graduate, sales and marketing expert.


 In February 2021, we founded a professional progressing team in Antalya.  Antalya Cycling Academy, which I personally manage its social media , has a team of national cyclists and talented youths such as senior coaches, management team and İsmail Aksoy who has been in Torku Cycling Club for many years.  We are progressing with the best bike textile company in Turkey SORA textile as the main sponsor.  As a marketing expert, I personally requested our management team to increase our sponsorships advantageously.  As a result of the interviews, I have put forward sponsorship plans in which we will achieve mutual growth in different fields.  In this context, all our cycling athletes need supplements for training and racing.


 As you know, paying daily advertising fee to advertisement places like Instagram and Facebook is only a visual delivery that is not much of an interest to individuals individually.  Instead, through an ideal plan for your promotion and income increase, in parallel with the mutual agreement, we can reserve a wide Brand name and Logo in our form, which we designed as a new season within three weeks.  For one year, we will advertise one-on-one to all Antalya athletes, especially Cycling, swimming and running, with our jersey that we will wear in each training session until the next season.  We can also direct your sales to a significantly longer term increase by suggesting it to our own contacts in Antalya. In addition, we share a photo on Instagram that we can tag you every day, as of September, thousands of athletes will be following our pages.  Furthermore, Antalya Bicycle Lovers, with 5000 followers, with whom we proceed together, is also our biggest supporters.  We can share the promotion of your products at least once a week, both on our official page and on our athletes' accounts, to share tens of thousands of people.


 As you can appreciate, Antalya is the capital of tourism and sports in our country and is the most suitable city for this process.  Advancing your professional sense with a sponsorship to Antalya Cycling Academy, 

, will attract an interest both in Turkey and this area.  This kind of sponsorship investment is a logical process, since it is not very costly and will definitely benefit in the long run.  Especially sports and athlete-friendly brands have products that are popular recently.  A reasonable sponsorship investment that you will make to cycling will certainly have an impact in long term. 


 It is quite possible for us to provide mutual benefits in this way, I am waiting for your valuable thoughts. 


 Sincerely, I wish you healthy period,




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