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Baltimore City F.C.

 Baltimore Football (Soccer)


We are Baltimore's only club in the city itself, now preparing for the 4th division Eastern Premier Soccer League.


We are Baltimore's only club, the only soccer club operating within Charm City itself, not a town outside or county next door. Since 2023 we have been part of the US Soccer Association's 5th division Maryland Major Soccer League. We have hit by storm, winning our inaugural season in the Spring, following it up with a summer title, and runners up in autumn. We regularly see over 100 at our games, maxxing out at over 300 during playoff games!

We have been promoted to the 4th division Eastern Premier Soccer League which will take our talents and support to Virginia and Pennsylvania. 

We are looking for regional and international sponsors willing to be part of a collective unit in allowing the grassroots success of soccer in this city to continue to grow sustainably. We measure massive social media reach and are slowly finding our results and coverage represented in all local media. 

Our preferred sponsor

We have had great relationships with local sponsors and will be spurning them on to continue to back us, however regional play needs regional backers. One that understands the varying but exciting landscape of soccer in the USA and enjoys collaboration on any inter-partner activities or content. 

Reach / Links

Greatest successes

We have secured trophies and a fan following that goes beyond our wildest dreams. We have received plaudits from past individuals invovled with the sport in the city on our achievements (and have learned a great deal from them too)

Key figures for sponsors

In one year we recorded over 1.5k followers on instagram, 1k on facebook, a few hundred on youtube and planning on exponentially growing our tiktok and twitter during 2024. 

South, South Baltimore Penninsula Post, the Baltimore Banner, the Baltimore Sun, and Baltimore Latino have all either written about us or have reached out during the winter to schedule days to cover us next season. 

At games, our merch is worn by dozens of fans, and the rest of the hundreds that show we promsie to get new merch this year!

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