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Associazione Centro Commerciale Naturale Piazza Gallura

 Tempio Pausania Golf


The association promotes the area, taking advantage of the large number of visitors present in Sardinia in the summer in the tourist resorts and is purchasing a mini golf course on the track.


Minigolf is a discipline that over a third of Italians practice at least once a year. In Italy there are over 1000 Minigolf structures, of which more than 400 are transportable. In Sardinia there are 3 fixed ones and only the one of our association is transportable. This allows us to be present in the most popular squares depending on the period, making the most of the summer season rich in tourist presence and guaranteeing visibility even in the less frequented months.
Minigolf is a sport suitable for everyone, it does not require physical prowess and is a discipline that engages more mentally, therefore it is particularly suitable for children and the elderly. This means that the whole family takes part in the minigolf, thus improving the stay and giving great advantages to the visual communication around the structure.

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An extremely effective communication system has been planned for the sponsors. In addition to the more immediate and direct presence of the brand with the classic banners and "stadium" type structures, it will in fact be possible to distribute information material of the sponsor through our staff, present the products or services in the appropriate stands, distribute coupons or other information by customizing the back of the entrance tickets, entitled trophies and challenges.


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