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Francesca Corbo

 Città di Castello Equestrian, Show jumping (riding), Eventer


Francesca young 15-year-old Amazon loves horses and equitation competes in National and Regional Jumping Competitions


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Greatest successes

In less than 2 years he has participated in 21 National and Regional competitions of which THIRTEEN 1st place, one 2nd place, two 3rd place. To date the best result has been the 2nd place 17/07/22 first time at 80cm in time .. In Arezzo from 23/09 to 25/09 excellent three 1st place conquering the passage to the Patent

Key figures for sponsors

the influx of people (staff-public-guests) to national competitions A5 * - A3 * -Regional stages is on average about 3000/4000 people in addition to national and international athletes, the frequency of participation of the girl is every 15 days for 3 days ; therefore Sponsoring the Young Amazon means having a high level of visibility for the Sponsor as well as giving the right support and serenity to the Young Amazon in sporting growth and going higher and higher.

The Sponsor is a fundamental PARTNER to Design / Realize / Grow / Know and WIN together. The sponsor will be present with the brand in training sessions, competitions, on social networks….


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