Nikki Waterman

 London Football (Soccer)


Recently signed for Stevenage Women FC in Women's FA PL. 20+ years playing. Advocate for addiction and people in recovery, 35 months sober.


I'm a 29-year-old woman who has recently signed for Stevenage Women FC who plays in the National Women Premier League Division 1 South East League. I have 20 years + of playing experience at numerous clubs including my County for 2 Years at Kent FA.  had an opportunity to play in Texas for 2 years at a JUCO. I am also in recovery from Alcohol and am currently 35 months sober. Previous to my alcoholism I was playing at a high level, however, alcohol took more preference. Now, I have turned my life around, playing at the level I feel like I deserve. I am passionate, dedicated, and loyal to the game.

Reach / Links

Greatest successes

  • 2-year JUCO in Texas.
  • 34 months in Recovery from alcohol (and counting)
  • Podcast with Tony Adams
  • Signing for Stevenage Women FC
  • 20+ Playing experience

Key figures for sponsors

Podcast with Tony Adams,. Ambassador for More Than My Past. Strong support and following on social media. Told my recovery story/football on; BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Essex.


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