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PDGA Europe

 Praha-Běchovice Disc Golf


European branch of Professional Disc Golf Association, governing body of the beautiful sport of disc golf is looking for a title sponsor for its highlight European Tour - the PDGA Euro Tour. 


We are bringing new approach to sponsorship with our highlight European Tour in one of the fastest growing sports in the World. We will not only give you a platform - the Tour and a possibility to make your brand visible and community to engage, but we will also work with you on your goals, needs and adapt the Tour and its surroundings for maximal activisation of your investment. We offer next-gen cooperation that will yield you the maximum efficiency per your € spent. We guarantee to be your best and most effective marketing tool you possess - tell us your budget and we custom the offer for you to achieve best results. 


Our preferred sponsor

Strong, fresh, dynamic company willing to work together on mutual success around Europe. 

Sponsorship Usage

1) Approach community - offer better pay-outs for top players on the Tour will engage the whole community. Adding portion of the deal towards pay-outs will be instantly the most visible factor towards the community, who will appreciate this and welcome the new partner with open hands! the "WOW factor" will be huge and information about this will spread virally. Disc golf is not used to out-of-the-sport commercial partners, so this would be a huge one.


2) Improved media - we would like to invest into media coverage of the tournaments. Our partner is going to have all visibility and credentials for this, it will help us activate his sponsorship not only in disc golf community, but also approach mainstream media with great content! Our partner will always be included with enhanced visibility and focus on their brand in the content.


3) Activisation of your investment. You are not on your own in this! While the first two points above are especially important for us and will yield you a focus of our audience, we will furthermore work on finding the best possible ways to connect your brand and products with our audience. You will tell us your goals, together, we will set up criterias to be met and metrics to follow and we will make sure that you get what you paid for by customising and optimalising our own marketing channels to help you achieve best marketing results you ever had. This is a next-gen sponsorship.