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Travis Borg

 Naxxar Motor Sports, Motorbiking


I'm,Travis Borg,a talented young motorcycle racer originally from Malta. Due to the absence of suitable racing tracks in Malta,we have relocate to Spain. This year I'm participating in ESBK Premoto3. The total costs are expected to be €55,000/€75


Got it! Here’s a version of the email written from Travis’s perspective:




**Subject: Sponsorship Opportunity: Support a Rising Motorcycle Racing Star**


Dear [Recipient's Name],


I hope this message finds you well. My name is Travis Borg, and I am a 14-year-old motorcycle racer originally from Malta. I started my racing journey at the age of 6 on a mini moto, training with my father at an RC track in Malta. As my passion and talent for motorcycle racing grew, I transitioned into motocross and competed in Malta. Due to the lack of suitable racing tracks in Malta, my family and I relocated to Spain to further my road racing career.


I am currently competing in the ESBK Pemoto3 Spanish Championship, where I am proud to be ranked in the top 10 out of 26 riders. Next year, I plan to apply for the prestigious Red Bull Rookies Cup and potentially compete in the ETC JuniorGP Championship, both internationally recognized platforms.

As a sponsor, your brand will gain significant visibility at national and international racing events. Your logo will be prominently displayed on my racing gear, bike, and promotional materials, reaching a wide audience of racing enthusiasts.

Aligning your brand with a young, talented, and dedicated athlete like me promotes a positive image. It demonstrates your company's commitment to supporting youth sports and nurturing future talents.

 I am open to discussing customized sponsorship packages that align with your company's marketing objectives. This could include exclusive branding rights, event appearances, and collaborative marketing campaigns.

 Supporting me now means being part of my journey as I advance to higher levels of competition. With plans to compete in prestigious international championships, your brand will gain even more exposure on larger platforms.


Your support can help me achieve my racing dreams and expand your brand's reach within the international racing community. I believe this partnership can bring mutual benefits, with me representing your brand with dedication and enthusiasm.


Thank you for considering this opportunity. I am eager to discuss how we can collaborate to support my racing journey. Please feel free to contact me at 0034 602152912 or


Warm regards,


Travis Borg




This version maintains the same key points but is written in Travis's voice to make the request more personal and engaging.

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