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I hold two world records in the sailing field and I want to establish a third one this year.


In the last 5 years I established two world records in the sailing field. The challenge consists on sailing as far as possible using a small sailing boat, a dinghy. Its a mental and physical challenge. Through it I will share with others how to face fears, doubts, physical pain. How to keep moving forward even when things get really tough. In the last editions I faced storms, loneliness, injuries, fishing boats crusing without lights, and water full of sharks. but I had a goal in mind and that's what kept me on my path. So, specially in the current situation, this next challenge is about how to excel, how to find joy in the simplest things yet still look for the top, its how to have trust in life and realise our dreams. The challenge will be done in Morocco, a journey no stop without assistance from north to south. I have a team there, that will give a hand with the logistics, the media coverage and safety.

Our preferred sponsor

This challenge is meant to get to people's heart. Things are done in the best way when all the participants are aligned with the same goal, the same message. My message is about life, about making your dreams count and making them real, a sponsor with this mindset is what I need. I know my job, I will drive this project to a successful outcome.

Sponsorship Usage

The money I will get will be used for flight tickets, training, renting a boat, filming, creating high quality content and getting equipement and an insurance.

Reach / Links

Greatest successes

  • Member of the sailing national team for 4 years.
  • 2014 world record for the longest time spent on a Laser (sport dinghy) and longest distance ever sailed without assistance.
  • 2019 world record of the best time sailing a distance of 150 Miles without assistance.
  • 2015 I designed and sailed a flying boat.

Key figures for sponsors

I will be a guest in national TV channels, radio channels and will have multiple articles in Moroccan newspapers. I already established contact with the responsibles. So in Morocco I will be able to reach more than 15 million people. On an international scale, “Sailing world” and “Sailing Anarchy” will cover the event. Of course other platforms will be reached to have articles and interviews with them.


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