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Lauren Cupp

 Rome Golf, Athletics, Mid-distance running


World Ranked #1 Speedgolfer 72 in 50 minutes Featured in The Wall Street Journal and on The Today Show Upcoming CBS Morning Show


I'm looking for a partnership to help endorse a brand while elevating my own brand.  I'm a mom of three, college golf coach and current #1 World Speedgolfer. 

Speedgolf Accomplishments:

•World Record Holder – 72 in 50 minutes

• Speedgolf Power Rankings - Current World Ranking #1

• US Speedgolf Open – Champion, 2018, 2021

•World Champion 2018

•Japan Speedgolf Open Champion, 2019

• Kentucky Open Champion, 2021

• New York Open Champion, 2018 – 2021

•California Speedgolf Open Champion,

Our preferred sponsor

Golf apparel, fitness apparel, sneakers, golf club company, fitness tracker, GPS, nutrition suppliments

Sponsorship Usage

Speedgolf Travel Related Expenses: Speedgolf is very International and women's purses are comparitively very small to men's professional purses

To endorse the sponsor's brand while elevating my own brand

Reach / Links

Key figures for sponsors

The Wallstreet Journal: Full page article,  Jason Gay: 

The Today Show:

PGA Show Presenter

Golf Digest India

Rome Sentinel 

Korean TV Series,  JTBC Golf Channel


Upcoming: CBS Morning Show

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